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Covid-19 has run its course through our country over the last year and the CDC and WHO have both emphasized the importance of disinfecting, cleaning, and sanitizing measures for both commercial and residential buildings. Cleaning and disinfecting your surfaces is one of the most important steps you can take to remain safe.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service in Arizona has never been more important for your business or home. If you need a commercial or residential building deep cleaned, we’re the Arizona experts that you can trust!

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Sanitizing, Cleaning, and Disinfecting


While these terms are often thought of as interchangeable, there is a difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. Before we understand the difference between these three, what exactly are we trying to clean, sanitize, or disinfect?

While our main focus is removing covid-19 from your home or business, our services also remove other viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi from any and all surfaces we come into contact with. We’ll use the common coverall term ‘germs’ moving forward to describe these four intruders.


Now more than ever, it is important to maintain your atmosphere safe. Sanitizing and disinfecting your property and business frequently can go a extended way this means you safeguard your home plus valued customers. COIT uses commercial level, EPA Registered disinfectants and sanitizers together with cutting edge technologies to rid your home and enterprise of these damaging pathogens.


Once we’ve cleaned our surfaces, we can then move on to sanitize and disinfect them. Sanitizing refers to a chemical spray or wipe that kills 99.9% of bacteria on a surface during the cleaning process. All of our sanitizing sprays work to supplement the cleaning process and reduce the chance of bacterial infections. These products work on all porous surfaces such as various types of stone, as well as carpets, curtains, wood, upholstery, metals, and plastics.


Cleaning does not kill germs but instead is a way to remove them from the surface they’re on. Typically, you clean things by using a combination of water and a cleaning product such as soap. This method of germ removal does not kill germs and is only the first step in our cleaning process.

Cleaning instead removes some of the germs and any other matter or particulates that are on the surface. Cleaning is the first step to a deep clean and makes the other steps in deep cleaning more effective. Having a clean contact area to sanitize and disinfect allows the cleaning process to penetrate all the way to the surface and ensure all germs are removed and killed.

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The Deep Clean

There are several important steps that go into deep cleaning your space that our services can provide to all of our customers. Some of these steps are especially important to perform on any high-contact surface areas in order to prevent exposure to covid-19 and other germs to protect your employees or loved ones.

1. Expert Cleaning

The first step in the deep clean process is to regularly clean all exposed surface areas with water and cleaning chemicals. Our experts use only the best cleaning agents and are trained to never miss a spot no matter how obscure it may be. This process removes all dirt and debris readies the surfaces to be fully sanitized and disinfected.

2. Disinfecting and Sanitizing Sprays

Using pressurized sprays allows for maximum coverage of all surfaces no matter the texture. Our pressurized disinfectant and sanitizing sprays are high-strength and professional grade. They leave no area of your home or office untouched and get into every nook and cranny. Our company prides itself on using the best EPA-approved products available on the market today.

3. High-Contact Area Focused Applications

While we take all areas of your home or business seriously, we spend extra time on areas that are frequently touched or used. This process involves direct application of our EPA-approved sanitizing and disinfecting chemicals until the surface is covered and visibly wet. Once our experts have let the solution sit for the required amount of time, they wipe the surface clean ensuring nothing harmful is left alive.

4. Fogging

Fogging is the last step in the process and mainly used for business and commercial settings. Fogging is the best way to ensure that you disinfect and sanitize everywhere while not missing any hard-to-reach areas. It is one of the more complete and effective services that we offer to keep your office or home safe.

Fogging is essentially what the name suggests. Disinfectants and sanitizers are turned into a fine mist and the entire area is covered in a fog of cleansing power. This process is effective at deep cleaning HVAC systems and one of the most complete steps you can take to ensure your home or office is free from covid-19 and other harmful germs.

Residential Cleaning Services

We provide residential cleaning services for covid-19  to the local community in Tempe, AZ. If you’re outside of Tempe, we can probably still help you with your home! Feel free to give us a call to check on service availability in your area.

Residential spaces are small and can easily transmit viruses. While they are not frequented by as many people as commercial spaces, keeping them clean is just as important.

Our residential cleaning services focus on deep cleaning all of your surfaces. We’re experts on all surface types from bathrooms to living rooms and kitchens. We only use EPA-approved chemicals in your home and follow all required steps to ensure your space is safe when we leave. You won’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals being left behind as we guarantee all spaces will remain safe for use when we are done.

We have several services available for the residential Tempe, AZ market that cover all levels of cleaning. Whether you want a light cleaning or a full-service deep cleaning, we can help you today! Feel free to call one of our expert staff to learn more about pricing and the service level we’d recommend for your space.

Residential Cleaning – Covid-19 Precautions

Although we have the cleaning products and know-how to clean your home, that doesn’t mean that we’re exempt from taking full measures to prevent transmission of covid-19. Our expert technicians are fully equipped in PPE to ensure both your safety and theirs. Our customers are our livelihood, and we take every measure to keep them safe.

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Commercial pest control

Commercial Cleaning Services

Our commercial cleaning services ensure your office will remain safe from Covid-19. We offer a large variety of options for businesses to help them in their battle against this deadly virus. We take every measure to ensure our commercial customers feel safe and secure going to work each day.

Our commercial cleaning services range from general cleaning to the deepest cleans available on the market today. We will clean, sanitize, and disinfect every surface in your space no matter the size or layout with our potent mix of chemical applications. We guarantee all spaces to be safe for use once we have left them, and your facilities will be clean and virus-free.

If you need commercial cleaning for your business, give our expert team a call and we’ll be happy to review the services we recommend based on the size of your facilities.

Commercial UV Light Installation for Covid-19

In addition to our typical cleaning and disinfecting processes listed above, we have the ability to further ensure the safety of your businesses by offering UV light installation. These lights are installed in HVAC systems to further protect and reduce exposure to the covid-19 virus. Covid-19 can find its way into your HVAC systems, and UV light is an effective way to help keep the virus at bay.

UV light is dangerous to your eyesight if you are not wearing proper eye protection. This is one reason you may not be familiar with this method of fighting coronavirus. The lights are installed in vents so that they can run 24/7 and keep your circulating air currents free of viruses and germs.

Commercial Cleaning – Covid-19 Precautions

Our experts take your safety seriously. We understand the precautions needed to protect our customers and to ensure your business feels safe with our service. We are available for cleaning service after normal work hours to ensure that we will not bother your employees or impede your business in any way. We also guarantee that you will not have to worry about dangerous disinfectants or sanitizers being leftover when we are done.

Our technicians wear full PPE to ensure no virus transmission occurs during the cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting process. Our technicians employ every best practice, and will only remove their PPE when they are outside of your building and back at their vehicles. This helps to keep everyone, including them, safe.

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